UV Catalyst

UV Technology

UV catalysts effect resin cure in minutes when the composite is exposed to UV light. The UV catalysts simply replace currently used room temperature curing catalysts and importantly, the cure commences only when the composite is exposed to UV light. Consequently, many problems associated with current room temperature curing technology are eliminated.

The advantages of UV curing technology, can lead to significantly improved productivity and huge cost savings:

  • Cures in minutes – manufacture your part with speed. Depending on the application and system we can design a catalyst to effect full cure within 5-10 minutes
  • Immediate full cure – no “green” products that take days to weeks to fully cure depending on environmental conditions
  • Indefinite working (pot) life – unlike conventionally cured systems, there is no limit to the amount of time you can work with the resin. This leads to a product of infinitely higher quality and reduces the likelihood of error.
  • Indefinite shelf life – you can catalyse an entire pail (or drum) since the resin will not cure unless exposed to UV light.
  • Recyclability – waste is significantly reduced since you can collect excess resin and use it again for the next job.
  • Safer and greener – UV curing the resin significantly reduces the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions typically resulting from styrene evaporation.

Minimal capital investment is required to start using UV curing technology. In cases which involve simple manufacturing processes such as surfboard fabrication or panel construction, no investment is required. Just use our Solcat catalyst technology products to replace the room temperature hardener (MEKP) and then when your ready to cure, apply UV light. This can be in the form of sunlight or various artificial sources. Suitable, cheap and effective UV light sources which are widely available include:

  • Standard tanning tubes
  • UV-A Fluorescent tubes
  • Mercury Vapour workshop lights
  • Metal Halide lamps

If you would like to discuss your requirements, need some advice on developing a suitable UV curing system for your business or would like us to design a UV catalyst for your application, please contact us.