About Us

Soltek was founded in 2002 and operates primarily in the fast-growing and innovative area of UV curing for fibre reinforced composites. The only supplier of its type in Australia, we manufacture and supply UV catalysts, for curing of resins used in fibre reinforced composite structures. 

We also consult and advise on the re-design of existing composite manufacturing processes to accommodate UV technology and improve overall productivity and efficiency. We can design a new process for your business, engineering catalysts to work with your resin and application structure.

In a few short years, Soltek has built up an impressive IP portfolio representing the very latest in innovative resin and UV curing systems for high performance applications. Investing heavily in R&D, Soltek employs specialists in the fields of composite engineering and polymer chemistry. The ability of the company to commercialise research and generate market led products in the area of UV curing technology, has been recognised through the awarding of several grants for research, development and commercialisation.

Focusing mainly on the watersports equipment industry, Soltek plans to expand its scope of activity to include other industry sectors which can benefit from the environmental, productivity, efficiency and quality impacts of UV curing. These include the construction, and energy generation industries.